Diary of a Black Actress Series Launched

Diary of a Black Actress is centered around a midwest bred, melanated queen named Ieshia, also known as "Esha". She is dealing with the struggles of everyday life, while also pursuing her dreams in New York City.

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The Classical Theatre of Harlem's Future Classics Presents: The Hands that Could

April 29,2019

Come and enjoy a new play entitled, The Hands that Could written by Josh Wilder.  The reading will begin at 7:00 pm at The Lincoln Education Building Beverages and refreshments will be served.

The Test

June 1- June 24

In Test, by Crystal Skillman, an English teacher in a struggling high school readies her junior students for the most important test of their lives. But when a symbol of hate appears in her classroom, she and two students on either side of the recent election, find their lives forever changed.

The Irish Repertory Theatre Presents Emperor Jones

March 1- April 23,2017 EXTENDED TILL MAY 21

Won Off Broadway Award for Best Revival Play

Repairing a Nation on PBS

Theatre Close-up Aired 2/20/2016

 The Davis family gathers for a holiday celebration in their native Tulsa, Oklahoma, but all goes awry when the family matriarch insists they join a lawsuit seeking reparations for the Tulsa Race Riots that devastated their family.

Cleveland Playhouse Presents The Mountaintop

January 23 - February 14

"Angel Moore as Camae is equally sparkling as she stands toe to toe with him landing verbal jab after verbal jab until the entire audience is awash with laughter that changes to deep respect in the blink of an eye."

-Mark Horning




The Mountaintop written by Katori Hall

October 11- 25

"Angel Moore’s delivery was excellent in the role of Camae. In the beginning of the drama, Moore played the role with the naïveté and innocence of a young woman, yet as the conversation develops, Moore acted with increased self-assuredness and forthrightness as her real identity was revealed. This contrast between perceived weakness and strength of the two Camaes is established clearly by Moore."

-The Cornell Daily Sun

Repairing A Nation by Obie Award Winner Nikkole Salter

World Premiere February 26-March 8

"Angel Moore as Debbie is completely charming, feisty and energetic."

-Broadway World

And I And Silence by Naomi Wallace

West Coast Premiere October 29- November 23

"The four actresses are definitely put through their paces. The piece makes athletic demands on every level: physically, emotionally, linguistically. Each actress rises to the occasion with skill."

-Charles Kruger Theatre Storm

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

August 6- September 14

"After her initial scene, the audience sits up straighter in anticipation at Angel Moore’s every arrival on stage. Her Cassandra is a beautiful housecleaner gifted with second sight and a propensity to talk about Greek mythology and interfere in family business."

-The Bershireedge


"Cassandra (Angel Moore) has to be the juciest role of them all, ripe and ready for creativity as she goes about her household chores, cleaning up the family's messes along the way. This includes picking up Sonia's smashed coffee cups, casting spells, channeling predictions and even using a voodoo doll on Masha to try to get her to change her mind about selling the house."

-Broadway World

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